14 Days of Self-Discovery

Journal prompts to reconnect with who you are.

“Who in the world am I? Ah, that’s the great puzzle.”
― Lewis Carroll, author of Alice in Wonderland


What is your most vivid childhood memory?

If I could write a letter to someone from my past, what would it say?

What do I personally value the most in life?

In our fast-paced society and “busy” lives, we often don’t take the time to get to know ourselves better, heal from the past, and get a clear vision for our future.

The 14 Days of Self-Discovery journal prompts is a chance to:

  • Help identify how you’re feeling and why
  • Identify what you value the most in life
  • Express self-compassion and self-care
  • Self-heal from any emotions you’re holding on to
  • Bonus – Get into the habit of journaling daily


Thank you for creating a way to reconnect with myself…It was a challenge for some prompts and I am still working through some of them. Self-discovery is a journey.”

I thought the emotional wheel is a very useful tool. It helps pinpoint exactly what you are feeling, and that helps you work through those feelings.

“After two days, I had already recommended the prompts to my sisters and sister in laws. Thank you for providing this type of program.”

How it Works

  1. When you subscribe, you’ll receive your first journal prompt soon after.
  2. Each email will prompt you to identify how you’re currently feeling before you begin your journal prompt. You’ll also be given a visual aid that provides a long list of emotion-based adjectives to choose from.
  3. You’ll get one email a day with a new journal prompt.