Coaching for Sensitive High Achievers

Unlock the warrior within you.

Thunder Moon Coaching blends together the power of high sensitivity, emotional intelligence, and storytelling to empower the 20% of the highly sensitive community that have felt unseen, unheard, and invalidated.

Whether you’re a highly sensitive individual with a major life challenge, you’re struggling to tap into your authentic self, or you need help building stronger relationship with others, I can support you.

I help you become a sensitive warrior as you learn to lead with your sensitivity and build the confidence you need to feel fulfilled at work and in your personal life.

Become an Empowered Professional

Whether you’re a highly sensitive individual or a higher achiever, an empowered professional is aware that by managing their deep emotions, they are able to unlock their innate superpowers: creativity, empathy, and intuition. They understand that their sensitivity is a gift and that they play a significant role in society. 

It goes without saying that the world is lacking sensitivity. From ongoing racial unrest to greed, to sexual violence to poverty, we are lacking empathy and compassion — two things the world needs more of than ever before.

An empowered HSP plays a big role in using their sensitivity to guide, mentor, and teach others. In a society that is run by warriors, HSPs have the ability to use their innate superpowers to make a positive difference.

As your HSP coach, I teach you how to lead with sensitivity, so you can feel more confident and fulfilled at work and in your personal life.

Together, we will identify what makes your sensitivity unique and how you can align your deep emotions with personal values. From there, we’ll work on letting go of what no longer serves you, so you can start to focus on what’s most important.

Here are common challenges my clients face:
  • Feeling emotions so intensely but need support in identify, labeling, and expressing them effectively
  • Struggle at work due to poor behavioral habits driven by emotion, such as perfectionism, overthinking, people-pleasing, and over-functioning
  • Wants to lead a life of authenticity, but needs help “rewriting the script” to reach actualization

Schedule a chemistry call with me to discuss your challenges and see if its a good fit. 

What It's Like Working With Me

“From the very first time I spoke with Shannon, I have felt seen and heard. She is a skilled empathetic professional who’s provided me with the knowledge and tools to better understand how to listen to my emotions and cope with their intensity. As someone who is highly perceptive and feels emotions deeply, I am so appreciative of the time and effort she takes to teach me techniques that help me navigate through tough, everyday situations.”

Alaina D., content marketing specialist & HSP